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Avoid Motorcycle Accidents by Looking at Your Destination


New motorcycle riders tend to look all over the place. They watch other traffic. They read billboards. They look down side streets. They watch oncoming cars. They check their mirrors. They look at people, shops, cars, homes, and anything else lining the road.

Some of this is wise, of course, such as checking your mirrors and keeping an eye on traffic. However, experienced riders will tell you that one of the keys to avoiding an accident is to always look specifically where you want to go on the bike.

For instance, maybe you're pulling into the left lane to pass a slower car. Don't stare down the oncoming traffic. Don't stare at the back bumper of the car you're passing. Let these things exist in your peripheral vision.

Remember, your body follows your eyes, and your bike follows your body. If you look away from where you want to go, the bike starts drifting in that direction. This can cause an accident before you fully realize what's happening.

It's hard to do this at first, but you want to make it a habit. If you need to, go out and practice, thinking consciously about where your eyes are focused. Watch how the bike responds. Practice this until it becomes second nature. It can help you avoid serious accidents and may even keep you alive.

Of course, while this trick can help, it does not eliminate all of the dangers of riding a motorcycle. If another driver hits you anyway, you may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and more.

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