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Holding Negligent Property Owners Throughout Colorado Responsible For Slip & Fall Accidents

Did you know that if you have suffered an injury on someone else’s property that was caused by negligent conditions of the premises that you may be entitled to compensation? At Doehling Law, our Grand Junction premises liability attorneys have extensive experience investigating accidents that should have been preventable which occurred on public or private property. If you were a lawful guest of the premises and were injured at no fault of your own, we can help you receive compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Contact us to learn more during a free evaluation. Our premises liability lawyers serve those in Grand Junction, Telluride, Montrose, Aspen, and Glenwood Springs as well as Eastern  Utah.

Examples of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases can be caused by many factors, but they all have one thing in common—the property owner or manager at the location where your injury occurred could have potentially prevented your accident through their actions.

Some examples of cases that can lead to a premises liability claim include:

  • A pool injury or downing that occurred because no lifeguard was on duty
  • An assault or robbery that took place in a dimly lit parking garage or another area with limited lighting and/or security
  • A slip and fall caused by a wet floor that wasn’t properly cleaned up or blocked off
  • Injuries sustained from a balcony or other structure that collapsed due to poor maintenance

To prove you have a premises liability case, you must prove three things:

  • The defendant managed and/or owned the property when the injury occurred
  • The defendant was negligent when it came to property maintenance
  • Your injury occurred as a result of this negligence

How a Premises Liability Case Works

Many people think that when you hire an attorney, it means you are going to court. Although it is impossible to predict what happens, most cases settle outside of court, saving you the time, money, and stress of a trial. However, we are willing to go to trial for you if necessary—our goal is simply to give you the compensation you need, no matter what

Here, we will provide some of the factors that go into obtaining a personal injury settlement:

In the beginning, a lot of investigative work may be done, such as acquiring photographs, witness statements, and medical reports, so we can verify how the accident happened and find who was exactly at fault.

We cannot proceed further until we are advised by your doctor that you have been released and have recovered from your injuries or your physical condition has been normalized. At that point, we can begin getting records, medical reports, and bills. This process may take some time as health care providers are usually slow to prepare reports.

The next step is to negotiate an offer from the insurance company involved. This is another source of the process slowing down because each case is reviewed by multiple insurance employees. When an offer is taken, this will promptly be sent to you for you to look at, and we will discuss the possible courses of action.

At Doehling Law, we want to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve and need. You can contact our Grand Junction premises liability attorneys at (970) 292-7171 or here to schedule your free consultation.

Attorneys at Doehling Law Are Here for You

If Doehling Law is unable to obtain a fair settlement with the company through negotiations, we will file a personal injury lawsuit. The defendants that were brought into the case normally have 30 days from the time they get the lawsuit and have to file a response to the document. There may be several defendants or a single defendant who will bring other defendants into the lawsuit.

After the defendants have filed their "answers," the proceedings are started, which may include depositions of witnesses, parties, and experts. Doehling Law will instruct and assist you throughout the whole process and may use discovery devices to help with your claim. Discovery can be expensive and time-consuming given the complexity of any given case.

After discovery is finished, a trial date is requested. The assignment of the trial date is beyond the control of any party to the lawsuit but depends on how busy the court is.

It may sound complicated and time-consuming, but that is the reality of premises liability claims. Rest assured that our Colorado accident lawyers will be by your side the whole way through, carefully investigating on your behalf and providing legal counsel when needed.

  • Pedestrian Accident $1,300,000
  • Professional Liability $950,000
  • Neck & Back Injury from Bicycle Accident $800,000
  • Jury Verdict: Vehicle vs. Tractor $767,000
  • Cervical Fusion from Golf Cart Accident $750,000
    • “Gary made sure that all avenues were explored for getting me the highest award possible, kept me informed of the status of the claims, and expressed great empathy and kindness during my painful recovery.”

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      - Carl C.

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