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Avoid motorcycle accidents by looking at your destination

New motorcycle riders tend to look all over the place. They watch other traffic. They read billboards. They look down side streets. They watch oncoming cars. They check their mirrors. They look at people, shops, cars, homes and anything else lining the road.

Some of this is wise, of course, such as checking your mirrors and keeping an eye on traffic. However, experienced riders will tell you that one of the keys to avoiding an accident is to always look specifically where you want to go on the bike.

Alleged impaired driver runs over families at Dairy Queen

Going out for ice cream with your grandchildren during the early summer months is something that should be safe, relaxing and fun. Unfortunately, some families in Colorado just found out how dangerous it can be, as they were hit by a car while sitting in front of a local Dairy Queen.

The vehicle apparently jumped the curb and ran over the picnic tables where the families were sitting. Pictures from the scene show a white sedan sitting at an angle on top of tables, near a parking lot.

Teens are almost constantly online

The internet used to be, if not a novelty, at least something that you only used for a set amount of time. You needed a home computer and a hard-wired dial-up connection. It tied up the phone line, so you couldn't stay on for long for fear that you were missing important calls.

That's not the case today. With smartphones, people have access to the internet whenever they want it. It's instantaneous and easy. They can use it while doing other tasks. They carry what is essentially a computer around with them in their pocket.

A brain injury makes depression more likely

A brain injury is a serious risk if you get involved in a motorcycle accident. Even with a helmet on, the crash could still result in a hard hit to the head. No matter how extensive, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a lasting impact on your life.

It is important to remember that the impact extends beyond the physical injuries and complications you are forced to endure. You could also have significant emotional and mental trauma to work your way through, and you may need professional medical assistance to do so.

Think that motorcycle helmet doesn't help? Here are the stats

One of the first pieces of advice people will give you if you decide to ride a motorcycle is this: Always wear your helmet. No matter how far you're going, no matter what state you're in, and no matter how safe you feel. Always wear it.

However, you may feel like it doesn't really matter. Can't you focus on safety in other ways, like defensive driving? Does the helmet really make that big of a difference, or are people just paranoid?

Turning truck and car collide, killing 1 in Colorado

Intersections are notoriously one of the most dangerous places on the road. A recent crash in Colorado made that very clear, as a young woman lost her life.

According to reports, the accident happened at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs, and it took place early on Friday, March 22.

Tips for when an accident injures loved one

Your spouse or child gets involved in a serious car accident. They suffer extensive injuries and get rushed to the hospital. While doctors are able to save their life, they warn that they'll be in the medical center getting care for some time.

This is hard for you on many levels. Don't ignore that just because it's clearly harder for your loved one. You shouldn't trivialize how this impacts your entire family. Helping someone in the hospital and dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury is never easy.

Do semitruck brakes actually fail?

Every now and then, you hear a story about a semi crashing because the brakes failed. The truck went out of control and slammed into other cars or nearby buildings. You're probably very wary of this possibility if you live in Colorado, where there are specific truck crash emergency lanes leading off of the highways in the mountains. They give truckers a way to stop an out-of-control vehicle while causing as little damage as possible.

However, some experts have said that media reports about these accidents do not tell the whole story. They take issue with the way that new reports say the brakes failed as if it was something random that happened all on its own.

Tired drivers are a serious threat

The driver next to you at the red light rests their head on the steering wheel. You can't help but think that they look exhausted. You are headed home from a late-night shift at work, after all, and you suspect that driver is as well.

"At least they're not drunk," you say to yourself.

Prevent this common type of motorcycle crash

One of the most common types of motorcycle crashes happens when a vehicle turns left across your path. This can happen due to a combination of factors, primarily relating to (1) the small size and lack of visibility of a motorcycle and (2) the fact that many motorists are distracted and not paying attention to traffic around them.

Regardless of how or why these incidents happen, however, motorcyclists are at risk of fatal or catastrophic injuries in a left-turning car crash, so they need to do whatever they can to avoid them. This involves the motorcyclist being extremely attentive, especially when approaching a break in a median or an intersection.

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