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Teens Are Almost Constantly Online


The internet used to be, if not a novelty, at least something that you only used for a set amount of time. You needed a home computer and a hard-wired dial-up connection. It tied up the phone line, so you couldn't stay on for long for fear that you were missing important calls.

That's not the case today. With smartphones, people have access to the internet whenever they want it. It's instantaneous and easy. They can use it while doing other tasks. They carry what is essentially a computer around with them in their pocket.

As a result, studies are finding that teenagers today are almost constantly connected to the internet. Some even fear that they're addicted.

About half of teens claimed that they thought they were addicted to their smartphones in one study. A full 89% indicated frequent internet use, with 44% claiming to access it multiple times every day and 45% saying they used it "almost constantly." In total, almost all teens (95%) have smartphone access, meaning the internet is never far away.

Why does this matter for drivers on Colorado's roads? It helps to paint a picture of the way distracted driving has taken over as one of the largest threats in the country. Teens and others who get addicted to their phones are far more likely to use them behind the wheel. They feel like they can't help it. They crave that online connection to their peers.

This new addiction leads to serious car accidents that result in major injuries and fatalities. If you get hurt or lose a loved one, you need to know if you can seek financial compensation.

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