Do You Have A Third-Party Personal Injury Claim or need a Workers Compensation Attorney?

If you were injured on the job, you might think that workers' compensation is the only available remedy. Even when workers' comp is available to cover injured workers, it rarely compensates work-related injury victims sufficiently for all long-term costs.

In many of these cases, there could be a third-party personal injury claim when the negligent conduct of another caused the accident.

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When Can A Third-Party Claim Be Added?

It is always helpful to have an example. On a construction site, forklift accidents can cause serious injuries.

For an injured worker, there could be a claim against his or her employer for workers' compensation. A third-party personal injury claim might be filed against the forklift driver's employer if proper training had not been offered or some other negligent act had contributed to the accident.

Many accidents that occur on oil field sites also involve both workers' compensation and third-party personal injury as well.

We Provide Comprehensive Legal Services

We provide exceptional, comprehensive service. We can handle both components — workers' compensation and personal injury — of a case. And while many law firms are done after obtaining a verdict or settlement, we take care of any liens and subrogation interests that may arise for our clients, so they're not surprised by collection calls down the road.

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