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Holiday Season Driving Safety

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The holidays are a hectic time for drivers, and AAA predicts a record-breaking 112.5 million travelers to be on the road during the busy holiday season. That number is up 3.1 percent from last year. The already congested roads are going to be looking a little more cramped.

If you're anticipating getting behind the wheel during the holidays, there's a lot you need to weigh when holiday weather is also a factor. Keep your spirits high and everybody secure with these driving safety tips.

1. Slow Down

Plan ahead and slow down when driving through winter weather. Pay particular attention to bridge decks, which freeze first, and swerving drivers, which are more prone to losing control in adverse weather conditions.

2. Buckle Up

Check to make sure that everyone in your car is adequately restrained – that includes every member of your family, as well as all passengers in the car with you. Make sure children are properly secured in car seats or safety seats.

3. Watch Your Trunk

Make sure your trunk is easily accessible and clear of snow before your winter travel commences. If you have a trunk cover, use it – the more easily you can see outside your trunk, the safer you'll be in a winter weather emergency.

4. Do Not Drive With an Invalid License

Remember, too, that it's illegal for anyone to drive with a suspended, revoked, or canceled driver's license. So, you could face a hefty fine and jail time if you are caught driving while impaired.

5. Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

Give your friends and family your travel plans and when you plan to arrive. It's a lot easier to come up with a plan when you've got someone in the loop, and should you not arrive when expected, it is easier for your loved ones to know if they need to call emergency services if something seems wrong.

6. Look Out for Winter Drivers

Everyone needs to be extra alert on winter roads, but many people are hesitant to slow down for the road conditions. It's one thing to drive 50 miles per hour in perfect weather conditions, but it's entirely different in winter when temperatures typically drop, and icy road conditions exist. Slow down – it's safer and more enjoyable, too!

7. AAA’s Tow-to-Go

This program offers a great alternative to driving on the roadways this holiday season. AAA members and non-members can call for a tow anywhere in North America within ten miles. The service is available for drivers who may have had a few too many to drink or can't safely make it home.

To reserve a Tow-to-Go ride, call (800) 222-4357 or visit

8. Be Prepared

Put together a list of everything you'll need for your trip — if you're going out at night, a game plan for your security is a good idea—cell phones, keys, bags, wallets, IDs, car chargers, hats, and gloves. Also, consider an emergency kit with first aid, a blanket, or a first aid kit and any medications you need for yourself or your pets.

9. Know When to Call Us

Our team of attorneys is experienced in fighting the battles for your rights. You deserve justice if you have been hurt due to the fault of another. If you have been involved in a car wreck this holiday season due to negligence, then we are here for you. Call the Veritas attorneys today.

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