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Fall Vehicle Maintenance You Need to Keep an Eye On


Our long warm days will soon give way to very chilly weather. Be sure to enjoy them before winter arrives. Before the changes set in for the season, it is crucial you get your car serviced by a professional this fall.

Owners and drivers of all ages can benefit from proper and routine maintenance on their vehicles. Car safety features such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, and anti-skid systems can be disabled or removed to allow more effortless movement when moving around in snowy and icy conditions. In addition, the electronic systems of many newer cars allow your mechanic to diagnose problems faster, utilizing data transmitted wirelessly from your vehicle.

These tips are great things to keep in mind for keeping your car in great shape for the new weather patterns that are coming our way.

Prepare For Winter Tires

Winter tires will give you a better grip on ice and snow when your car gets stuck. The spare is a critical part of a winter-tire system. Some vehicles come with a spare tire that you can use if you have a flat tire. Others have a bare-tire spare wheel that you can put on your car at a repair shop and take with you.

The spare wheel should be somewhere near where you park your car.

Ensure You Have a Flashlight and Ice Scraper in the Car

It is always best to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. If you need to scrape your windshield suddenly, be sure to have a flashlight and a scraper in your car.

Know Where Your Car's Antifreeze Reservoir is Located.

You'll need to know where your antifreeze is located if you happen to have a car repair that needs to be done in the winter. Some cars come with a spare antifreeze in the trunk. Others will have a reservoir in the vehicle. In most cases, the antifreeze should be labeled with the car's make, model, and year so you can find it. If your car doesn't have a reservoir, you'll need to check in your owner's manual.

Brake Inspection and Repair.

Your car's brakes should already be getting looked at regularly, especially before the winter season. Faulty brakes put you at risk even when the weather outside is optimal, let alone in the middle of a winter storm in Colorado. To ensure your safety, make sure your brakes are functioning optimally.

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