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Motorcycle Defects: They Can Be the Cause of Injuries


Motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone, and they don't necessarily have to involve another vehicle for you and your attorney to seek compensation from another party. Sometimes, motorcycle defects and recalls are the trouble behind your accident, and in that case, you should be able to seek the money you need to cover your expenses, medical bills, and the repairs to your own vehicle. Whether it's a loose brake pedal that prevents you from stopping or a piece of trim that causes you to skid, your case is important.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigates safety recalls of motor vehicles most of the time, unless the vehicle manufacturer has taken on that responsibility. Both agencies have the duty to make sure that vehicles with defects are reported as vehicles that don't comply with federal safety standards.

They also need to identify who is affected by a recall, and they should discuss the event that led to the recall. For example, if 500 people have been in accidents due to a faulty door coming loose while they drive, then those incidents could have been the cause for the recall.

After that is determined, the manufacturer or the NHSTA will describe the remedy. This could be something like getting your car fixed or returning it to get a refund or a new vehicle. A schedule for the recall should also be included, so people know how long they have to return their vehicles to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is obligated to repair your vehicle, so you're not in harm's way.

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