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Make an Insurance Claim and Get the Money You Deserve


Following a car accident that resulted in an injury or death, you're in a position where you can make a claim. If your accident was caused by another driver, you'll need to deal with not only your own insurance carrier but also the other driver's carrier. If the driver doesn't have insurance, then you'll have to consider litigation to get the money you need.

In the case that the driver is insured, you'll need to make a claim to the insurance company. One big issue with insurance companies is that many won't pay a cent more than they have to. Remember, these companies grow and earn by paying out as little as possible, but that may not work in your situation. If you've been badly hurt or have ongoing medical issues, a few paid medical bills aren't going to cut it. You need more, and you need to be financially supported while you recover.

In Colorado, it's the responsible driver's insurance policy that will cover your injuries and damage to your vehicle. The policy may have limits, though, and that's when you may need some help negotiating to get the compensation you deserve. If the driver is underinsured, you may need to make a claim to your own insurance company to cover the difference, or you may need to seek out other legal options for obtaining the money you need.

After a crash, it's important to work through your legal case as quickly as you can. You'll need to make sure witnesses and evidence are able to be found before they can be compromised. Our website has more information about the process.

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