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Representing Clients in Grand Junction, Montrose, Telluride & Communities Throughout Colorado and Eastern Utah

What Is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a licensed professional who advises and represents others in the courtroom.

What Are a Lawyer's Duties?

A lawyer has two core functions:

1. To uphold the law and protect the client's rights at the same time

2. To understand the law and be an effective communicator

Legal Requirements to Be a Lawyer

Lawyers must go through law school. Every state has standards that must be met before a person can be licensed to practice law.

Before being able to practice law in most states, a student must pass a fitness and character review. To be considered for a law license, you must be approved by a committee that investigates background and character.

Lawyers must also:

  • Have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • Complete three or more years at an American Bar Association-accredited law school
  • Pass a state bar test, which can last as long as two or three days; these exams test knowledge in the selected area of law.
  • Take an oath to support the laws and the state and federal constitutions
  • Receive a final license from the highest court in the state (state Supreme Court)
  • “Gary made sure that all avenues were explored for getting me the highest award possible, kept me informed of the status of the claims, and expressed great empathy and kindness during my painful recovery.”

    - Denise M.
  • “They are helping with a legal issue. Very professional and caring. Recommend this firm.”

    - Rudi M.
  • “Did a very good job of communicating. Very professional and truly worked in my best interest all along.”

    - Chris B.
  • “We felt well represented by Doehling Law, our interests and concerns were taken care of and we appreciate everything that was done for us.”

    - Roxie K.
  • “They resolved my claim in a timely matter and gave closure to an uncertain future, I cannot thank them enough for their persistence to detail and dedication to do what is right.”

    - Carl C.

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