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2 Killed in Pedestrian-Involved Car Crash


Police officers were called to the intersection of East Colfax Ave and North Uvalda Street in Aurora after two fatal crashes. The first crash occurred after a pedestrian failed to use the crosswalk and was struck by a driver in a Mitsubishi sedan while crossing East Colfax Avenue.

The driver pulled over to help the pedestrian, but was then hit by a Mercury Mountaineer that was also traveling on East Colfax Avenue. The driver of the Mercury Mountaineer remained at the scene until law enforcement arrived.

The first pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Mitsubishi sedan was transported to the hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Authorities request that anyone who witnessed the crash contacts the Aurora Police Department with information.

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Disclaimer: This post is intended to bring awareness to the community we serve. This awareness is intended to inform the community of the dangers and frequency of automobile accidents. All the information in this post was gathered from various sources. Please contact us if you see any incorrect information or if you would prefer to have the post taken down. This information is not, and should not, be legal advice or a solicitation for business.

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