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Can I Start A New Job While On Workers Compensation?


How A New Job Can Impact Worker's Compensation

An injury at work can have serious repercussions on your physical and mental health. Oftentimes people feel unwelcome and anxious to return to the company where they were injured. However, some are afraid that finding a new job will complicate their compensation benefits. While finding a new job can impact your benefits, you shouldn't feel pressured to stay where you're at.

Have you have been injured on the job and need help understanding more about your legal options? Are you having difficulties getting your benefits? The Veritas team is available to help you with worker's compensation questions and claim issues.

How do my benefits change if I find a new job?

Even if you are still receiving workers' compensation benefits from your current employer you are legally able to change jobs at any time. There are still laws that apply though, and these can impact your weekly benefit amount. For instance, if you return to work for a new employer you must make sure to notify your workers' compensation adjuster. Failing to notify your adjuster could lead to overpayment, requiring you to repay a portion of your past benefits or insurance fraud. If you find a job that pays you less or works you less than your previous employer (employer you were injured with), then your benefits might be decreased. If you are able to work with certain restrictions at your new place of employment you still may be eligible to claim some benefits from your previous employer.

Why you may want to change jobs?

There are several reasons why employees suffering from an on-the-job injury may consider a career change. Financially, workers' compensation doesn't always offer complete coverage. Many workers who are injured on the job will look to finding a new career that is less demanding or a job that allows the employee to move forward after their injury. While there are many other reasons to move careers after an on-the-job injury, it is important to remember that there are potential risks as well. Even with a less physically demanding job, you could still impair your recovery progress or even keep you from making a full recovery.

Need help with your workers' compensation claim?

The team at Veritas has extensive experience and understanding when it comes to the laws surrounding worker's compensation. Workers' compensation can be confusing and hard to deal with at times, let alone after a traumatic injury. Our team is here to help you through this tough time. Working with your adjuster and/or attorney will be an integral part of your workers' compensation claim. For more information on workers' compensation claims in Colorado, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Call our law offices to schedule a consultation today.

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