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Tips for When an Accident Injures Loved One


Your spouse or child gets involved in a serious car accident. They suffer extensive injuries and get rushed to the hospital. While doctors are able to save their life, they warn that they'll be in the medical center getting care for some time.

This is hard for you on many levels. Don't ignore that just because it's clearly harder for your loved one. You shouldn't trivialize how this impacts your entire family. Helping someone in the hospital and dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury is never easy.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Talk to the attending nurses, not just to the doctors. The nurses are realistically around a lot more often, they have more predictable schedules and they do understand what's been happening. They can give you accurate information when you need it.
  • Spread information among your family. When anyone gets an update, have a system where they can text or call everyone else. This way, the medical staff does not get the same questions repeatedly.
  • At the same time, do not be afraid to ask questions if something seems confusing or if they use medical terms that you don't know. They're not trying to belittle you. They just get so used to these terms that they forget most people have no idea what they mean. Get clarification, and never assume anything.
  • Focus on the positive, not the negative. Look for progress. Instead of complaining, ask questions, and seek information. Instead of wishing it never happened, focus on ways that you can help.

As you do all of this, you may be dealing with lost wages or a lost career, high medical expenses, and lots of other costs. Make sure you know if you have a right to financial compensation after the car accident.

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