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Which Roads Are More Dangerous, Rural or Urban?


Urban drivers may feel like rural roads are more dangerous because they feel lost and confused without street lights and clear signs. Rural drivers, on the other hand, may feel like city streets are more dangerous because they're chaotic and just packed with cars. Who is right? Which setting is the more dangerous one to drive into?

While both have their own dangers, most experts agree that rural roads tend to be more dangerous, at least when you look at crash rates. This is especially true because there are lower traffic levels.

Why are rural roads dangerous? Some reasons include:

  • Lack of lighting
  • Higher speed limits
  • Reckless driving habits
  • Animal hazards
  • Many two-lane roads
  • Drivers with a false sense of safety, which often stems from the fact that there are fewer cars around them
  • Lack of seat belt use
  • Driving under the influence

Another thing to consider is the distance to the hospital or how far the emergency crews have to drive after a crash. This has nothing to do with how likely a crash is to happen, of course, but it may contribute heavily to how likely someone is to pass away in that accident. Minutes matter after serious injuries. A person in the city, with an ambulance just two minutes away, may survive a crash that takes a person's life in the country, where crews can't get them to a hospital for a half hour.

No matter where you are when you get injured in an accident caused by another driver, you must know what legal options you have to seek out compensation.

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