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Prevent This Common Type of Motorcycle Crash


One of the most common types of motorcycle crashes happens when a vehicle turns left across your path. This can happen due to a combination of factors, primarily relating to (1) the small size and lack of visibility of a motorcycle and (2) the fact that many motorists are distracted and not paying attention to traffic around them.

Regardless of how or why these incidents happen, however, motorcyclists are at risk of fatal or catastrophic injuries in a left-turning car crash, so they need to do whatever they can to avoid them. This involves the motorcyclist being extremely attentive, especially when approaching a break in a median or an intersection.

The further you scan ahead as a motorcyclist, the sooner you'll make a note of a car that's waiting to turn left. Knowing it's there will give you a better sense of the dangers and you may be able to spot the vehicle inching forward before it cuts off your path. At intersections, you may want to slow down a little bit before you enter, especially if a car looks like it's waiting to turn in front of you.

As a final note, laying down your motorcycle is never advised as a way of stopping faster. Your bike is designed to stop quickly when needed to avoid a collision and you can decelerate much faster on two wheels. Therefore, it's always a good idea to practice coming to a stop in a parking lot to gain a better feel for the capabilities of your bike; this practice could save your life one day.

If you were hurt in a left-hand car accident while riding on a motorcycle, it's likely that the law is on your side. You might want to contact our law offices in Grand Junction for a complete evaluation of your potential motorcycle accident claim.

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