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Why Is the Truck Driver Shortage a Threat to Road Users?


When you're driving on a highway, it's likely that you'll see a truck or two. Semi-trucks are common, and they're an important part of America's economy. However, over time, the number of people going into trucking has declined. That means that the people who are hired may not have to go through as rigorous of training since companies need a driver no matter what.

The reduced number of truck driver candidates is a serious problem for people on the roadways. When there are fewer candidates, there are fewer choices. People who perhaps should not be on the road end up with a job driving what could be an 18-wheeled weapon.

Federal rules could end up being loosened, which would allow people as young as teens to drive trucks between states. While teens aren't necessarily bad drivers, they certainly lack the experience of an adult. There has also been a pilot program designed to help those with military training operate trucks across state lines, even if they're under the age of 21. Federal law currently prohibits interstate travel if the driver is under 21.

The United States will see a shortage of around 175,000 truck drivers by the time it's 2026, which is something that could hurt the economy. However, it is important that people's lives are also considered. People with less experience traveling more on the roads are a threat to drivers of all types as well as the truck drivers themselves. Truck drivers need to have the experience, so they don't make fatal driving mistakes when they are on the roads.

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