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Damage on the Highway: What Is a Trucker Responsible For?


Can Truck Drivers Be Held Responsible For Damages To My Vehicle?

If you have a crack on your windshield, you're probably one of many who have traveled behind a large commercial vehicle.

These vehicles are well-known to cause damage to others from debris flying off a truck bed. Staying back a distance helps, but there's still the risk of damage.

Are Truck Drivers Responsible for Broken Windshields?

Yes, truck companies are responsible for broken windshields. The warning signs on trucks that say they are not responsible for the damage are not legally binding. Truck drivers have a legal responsibility to secure their cargo.

Although proving that rock came from the truck or the road may be difficult, the truck owner may be responsible for any damage to your windshield or vehicle.

Their liability coverage should pay for any damage.

Another Example of How Truck Drivers May Be Responsible

Take, for example, a situation where a truck is carrying mulch. Typically, that's not something that would cause a problem, but if enough fell off the truck to cover your windshield and cause a crash or to make the roads dangerous, then the authorities may consider this a collision and place the fault on the driver of the truck.

Any time matter from the vehicle causes damage. You can pursue a claim.

The difference between cracked windshields from rocks is that rocks aren't on the vehicle itself; they're kicked up from the road, so the company can't be held liable.

Car Damaged By A Truck? Call Veritas Today.

If you believe a trucker's negligence led to your vehicle's damage or crash, you should call the police to take your report and then speak with your attorney.

There may be a case for you to seek compensation and get the money you need to pay medical bills and for lost wages or other damages.

If a commercial vehicle has caused severe damage to your vehicle, you can contact Veritas via online form or call (970) 292-7171.

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