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Teens and Distracted Driving: Facts You Should Know


Take a few seconds next time you're driving to look around at the other motorists on the road. Where are their eyes? Are they watching the road or are they watching their cellphones? Chances are you'll see quite a few of them with their noses buried in an electronic device. Sure they're looking up to see what's going on quite a bit, but every second they spend looking at their smartphones is a second they're not paying attention.

Teenagers are especially prone to smartphone addictions, so they're very much at risk of driving while distracted. Here are a few facts you should know regarding distracted driving:

  • Approximately 25 percent of vehicle-related deaths happen because of distracted driving.
  • Teens are the most likely to be distracted while driving.
  • Approximately 58 percent of teen vehicle crashes are attributed to driving distracted.
  • In 2015, 391,000 injuries and 3,477 deaths were blamed on distracted driving car crashes.
  • Distracted driving, a completely avoidable and preventable activity, is viewed as an epidemic problem on American roads.
  • Three seconds of distraction from watching the road can result in a serious auto collision.
  • Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 have triple the likelihood of being in a fatal vehicle crash.
  • Many refer to distracted driving as the new drunk driving.

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