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2 Tips to Prevent Trucking Accidents


Large trucks were involved in approximately 338,000 crashes in 2013. The majority of those crashes resulted in property damage. Another 73,000 caused injuries. In total, 3,906 were fatal. Avoiding these crashes is key to protecting yourself, your family, and your future.

There are a number of ways for you to prevent a truck accident. Being aware of the vehicles is just one way. Knowing the traffic laws is another. Here are a couple of things you can do to recognize a potential threat and avoid it.

  • Be cautious on rural roads

Over half of all fatal truck crashes happen on rural roads. If you notice a truck there, be aware that the roads aren't designed for large trucks or heavy traffic. Give the truck space. If you intend to pass, make sure the driver sees you and that you pass quickly. Don't try to pass if you can't see far enough ahead to be positive no traffic is incoming.

  • Report drifting drivers

Around 13 percent of trucking accidents are caused by fatigue. If you notice that a truck is swerving or that a driver is slowing and speeding up oddly, it's worth calling the police. They can investigate by stopping the driver to check on his or her health. In the meantime, give the vehicle space, so you don't accidentally end up in a crash.

Truck crashes are, for the most part, completely preventable. With experienced drivers, wrecks are less likely. Drivers who get enough sleep and take breaks to reduce the risk of crashing, too. If you're hit because a driver was negligent or distracted, then you can file a claim. Drivers need to be held responsible for their actions.

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