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Don't Risk Drunk Driving in Grand Junction


Before someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she should be certain that he or she is capable of driving safely. Whether it's due to illness or drinking alcohol, driving safe means knowing when you can't be the one behind the wheel.

Just how much does it take for a person to get drunk and raise the risk to others on the roads, though? Is it something that you should be watching out for when you're driving at night? The easy answer to your questions is that you should always be aware of how others are driving and that it may not actually take much alcohol at all to reach the legal limit.

How much alcohol does it take to end up over the limit?

That varies depending on a number of factors like your weight, what you're drinking, and if you've eaten. For example, if two people drink at the same time and in the same amounts, you would assume the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) would be the same. However, even if they both drink over the course of 90 minutes and both eat one piece of pizza with their pint of beer and double glass of wine, the person who weighs the least will have a higher BAC. Someone with a 215-pound frame may not be over the limit, whereas someone who weighs 150 pounds could be over the .08 percent limit already. The 150-pound person should not be driving since he or she is already drunk and would be intoxicated behind the wheel.

Why does this matter to the victims of a crash?

If you are struck by someone who was drinking, knowing that the person was or was not intoxicated can help you seek the settlement you'd like to see. Guaranteeing the other person's fault makes it easier for you to collect the compensation you need. Our site has more about what proving fault can mean for your case.

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