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You Can Show Who Was at Fault in a Crash


It's essential to preserve evidence of your injuries, damage to your property and of expenses, you've incurred due to the accident. When you're in a collision, the best way to prove who is at fault is to be able to show that the other driver made a mistake. If you have a dashboard camera, the video from the crash can be used as evidence. After the crash, photos of the scene can show things like skid marks or the point of collision, both of which can show how the impact took place.

What kind of evidence should you keep handy for your attorney and the courts after your motorcycle crash? Take photos of the scene if you're able to. If there is an investigation following the accident and you are hospitalized, there should be a written narrative accompanying photos taken by the police that you can access. While you're in the hospital, collect your medical records, and take photos of your injuries. Don't minimize the damage or use photo filters to make yourself look healthier; these images need to be accurate to show how severely you were hurt.

Keep copies of property damage reports, estimates, and repair invoices. They can all be used to show how much you should be reimbursed for the injuries and damages caused by the accident.

All of these documents can be used as evidence when your attorney is negotiating your claim or when you take your lawsuit to court. Our website has more information on what evidence you need to provide to help make your case a success.

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