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Auto accidents information for Lyft and Uber

In Colorado, you may have heard about the new travel services called Uber and Lyft. According to the May 20 report, these Internet companies allow riders to find drivers in just seconds through a cellphone application. These applications will soon be regulated in Colorado, though, because they are currently unable to be regulated by taxi and limo regulations.

Colorado tickets are up, but deaths are down

Now that our long-awaited Colorado summer is just around the corner, more of our state's residents and visitors are on the roads destined for the mountains and rivers, or just tooling around cities like Grand Junction. However, the Colorado State Patrol is warning drivers that they are on the lookout for impaired and distracted drivers who put others, and themselves, at risk.

Colorado teen killed in fatal car accident. | Doehling Law

People who get into a car expect to arrive at their final destination safely, and for the most part they do. No matter how carefully someone drives, though, it doesn't make a difference if there are reckless or compromised drivers operating on the same roadway. Auto accidents maim, injure and even kill thousands of people each year, resulting in soaring medical bills, crippling injuries and devastated families.

Colorado proposes phone ban while driving

If you're stopped in Colorado for texting while driving, you may have an easy way out: Claim you were actually playing Candy Crush Saga, Instagramming the sunrise, or creating a Songza station to uplift your morning commute. Although these excuses are facetious and definitely not meant as legal or traffic safety advice, they may be entirely within the realm of current Colorado laws.

Hit-and-run accidents increase in Colorado

Immediately after being in a car accident, many people feel confused, angry and shocked over what just happened. After an auto accident, many people aren't sure what they should do. However, many people expect the other person involved in the accident to stick around. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, it can be even more shocking that the crash itself. 

Colorado drivers should prepare for winter driving 2017

For many Colorado residents, the winter is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Between greater opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, there's a lot to look forward to during the snowy months. On the other hand, the unpredictable nature of winter weather in Colorado can make things very difficult -- and unsafe -- for motorists.

Feds fail to add car safety for accidents.

When a person is in a hurry, he or she may not take the time necessary to ensure that the area around their vehicle is entirely clear before taking off. In this situation, serious auto accidents can happen. According to statistics from the federal Department of Transportation, 228 people died as the result of a vehicle backing up in 2010. Among those who died, 44 percent were younger than 5 years old.

Serious Car Accident Pins Woman In Car in GJ

A car accident occuring near downtown Grand Junction occured Monday July 15, 2013 at about 5:30 P.M. when a woman driving a sedan on 3rd street pulled out in front of a truck heading east on North Avenue.  The severe accident left the woman pinned in her vehicle for some 20 mintues while emergency crews tried to rescue her. 

Hands-free devices still distract drivers in Grand Junction

Distracted driving is a very dangerous behavior behind the wheel and unfortunately, many drivers in Colorado drive distracted every day. Distracted driving increases the risk of being in a car accident and has contributed to many car accidents in Colorado.

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