Dangerous Drugs and Medical Malpractice

Defective Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are meant to help individuals and improve their life and well being. However, in some cases these drugs end up doing more harm than good. There are a few prescriptions that have the potential to be dangerous. These include, painkillers, blood thinners, birth control pills, antidepressants, and more.

It appears that the FDA approves prescription drugs and devices much quicker than in the past. When prescription drugs hit the market so quickly it can be hard to determine if a drug is safe. The FDA's dangerous drug list features a variety of dangerous medical products and drugs.

Dangers of Defective Drugs

There are many dangers associated with prescription drugs. These effects can include birth defects, heart attacks, strokes, and many other effects. All of these lead to lasting medical conditions and require long-term care.

What Determines if a Drug is Dangerous

There are a few categories that determine types of dangerous drugs. The first being drugs that are dangerous for everyone. This means that no matter what, the drug would be harmful to any individual that takes it. 

The second is, drugs that are marketed without necessary warnings. Drug companies are required to include warnings on the product labels. This ensures that individuals are aware of the risks that come with certain drugs. 

The third is, drugs that are marketed to groups of people that are at risk. These types of drugs are purposely marketed to these at risk groups. At risk individuals include pregnant women, elderly individuals, and more.

The fourth is when drugs are prescribed for the wrong reasons. The drug may be safe for the majority of people, however it can be harmful to individuals with certain allergies. 

Who is Responsible for Defective Drugs?

This is determined case by case, which has to do with previously mentioned categories. Defective drug claims fall into the product liability category, and there are a few parties that can be held responsible for a claim. Drug manufacturers, product testing labs, doctors/clinics/hospitals, or sales representatives can all be held responsible. It truly varies on a case by case basis. 

If you are a victim of defective drugs, or medical malpractice, Doehling Law will assist you with your case. We have the experience it takes to help you and your case.