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Many Causes of Truck Accidents on the Highways


If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a large commercial truck, your injuries may be very severe. While it's understandable to be angry at the reckless trucker who caused your accident and injuries, you may be surprised to learn that many accidents involving big rigs are actually the fault of the drivers of smaller passenger cars and light trucks.

Motorists sometimes don't realize the much greater distance it takes a semi-truck to brake and full stops when a car pulls out in front of them or cuts them off in traffic on the highway. Other drivers cruise along in the big rigs' "No Zones," the blind spots located on either side of, and directly in front and behind, of large commercial trucks. But when vehicles are in these positions, truck drivers can't see them.

Another danger for passenger cars on multi-lane highways is to ride in the lane between two 18-wheelers. This is an extremely vulnerable position to be in because you are not visible to either driver and could easily get crushed between the two commercial rigs.

But truckers have to accept their fair share of the responsibility for accidents and injuries to motorists. Some drivers have not received sufficient training to learn how to drive defensively and safely.

The trucking companies, too, share the blame for highway injuries and deaths. They push truckers to adhere to impossible schedules that force them to ignore federal Hours of Service regulations, drive when fatigued and in hazardous weather conditions, and at excessive speeds.

If your injuries were caused by a trucker's reckless driving, you have a right to pursue compensation by filing suit through the Colorado civil courts.

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