What to do if you are injured in a skiing accident?

If you've been injured, we recommend you follow these 5 steps in ensuring your safety and well-being during and after injury.

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1. Calm Your Nerves

If you are hurt or injured, panicking will not help you, in fact, it will make things worse. When you calm down, you'll be able to think and inform the authorities and ski patrols that you have been injured and seek safety. Breathing in though your nose and out though your mouth is a good practice to calm down. If another skier has hit you, try and see if they are ok as well and are breathing. All these actions require focus which you won't have if you are panicking.

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2. Get the contact information of the skier or snowboarder who hit you.

Getting this information is vital if you plan on taking any legal action. The ski patrol should gather this information and give it to you in a report. But it is best to get from the patrol before. Witness statements are accounted on how severe the injury was.

3. Photograph the site where you were injured.

If you were with family or friends, we suggest that you have them take pictures of the site. These pictures will help in your case by providing context.

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4. Save any paperwork that you have of the accident day.

Collect all and any paperwork of the day you had the accident. This means the ticket for that day, ski patrol report, witness accounts, and even hospital and medical bills as a result from the crash. *As a side note, any gear damaged in the incident should be kept and preserved.

5. Hire an Attorney who focuses on Ski Law.

Colorado has it's own skier state laws, and if your attorney does not know them, they may not be adequate to handle your case. Doehling Law has a combined experience of over a 100 years in personal injury law. Our lawyers are prepared and ready to handle your situation.

6. Extreme Cases

If someone you know has died or suffered severe injuries. First, we want to say that we are sorry for your loss. Second, Doehling Law will do everything in our power to provide compensation for the loss you have suffered. We know money may not be able to bring someone back, but if we can take one thing off your families mind, it would be our privilege.