Six Factors In A Personal Injury Settlement

Many people think that when you hire an attorney, you will most likely go to court. Although it is impossible to predict what happens in each case, most cases settle outside of court, saving you time, money and stress of a trial. Our goal is to give you the compensation you need.

Here, we will provide some of the factors that go into obtaining a personal injury settlement:

  1. In the beginning, a lot of work may be done, such as acquiring photographs, witness statements, medical reports, etc., so we can gather and verify how the accident happened and to find who was exactly at fault.
  2. We cannot proceed further until we are advised by your doctor that you have been released and have recovered from your injuries or your physical condition has been normalized. At that point, we can begin getting records, medical reports and bills. This process may take some time as health care providers are usually slow to prepare reports.
  3. The next step to take into account is to negotiate an offer from the insurance company involved. This is another source of the process slowing down because each case is reviewed by multiple insurance employees. When an offer is taken, this will promptly be sent to you for you to look at, and we will discuss the possible courses of action.
  4. If Doehling Law is unable to obtain a fair settlement with the company through negotiations, we will file a personal injury lawsuit. The defendants that were brought into the case normally have 30 days from the time they get the lawsuit and have to file a response to the document. There may be several defendants or a single defendant who will bring other defendants into the lawsuit.
  5. After the defendants have filed their "answers," the proceedings are started, which may include depositions of witnesses, parties and experts. Doehling Law will instruct and assist you in the whole process and may use discovery devices to help with your claim. Discovery can be expensive and time-consuming given the complexity of any given case.

  6. After discovery is finished, a trial date is requested. The assignment of the trial date is beyond the control of any party to the lawsuit but depends on how busy the court is.

At Doehling Law, we want to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve and need. You can contact Doehling Law at 970-628-3907 or here.