Structured Settlements When Children Are Injured

Accidents that involve children are some of the scariest for parents. If your child under the age of 18 suffered a severe injury, you need to take additional steps to protect a minor settlement.

At Doehling Law, our attorneys have been working with insurance companies for decades. We will not only obtain maximum compensation for your familybut work with you to ensure protections are in place for minor children. We have assisted numerous clients with these types of issues after auto accidents or injuries from premises liability-types of cases.

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Generally, two ways exist to protect settlements of $10,000 or more that benefit minor children.

Conservatorship Proceedings

In Colorado, the court will appoint a decision-maker to handle financial affairs through a conservatorship. This process can take some time and require ongoing accountings with the court. But it may be appropriate when medical expenses continue through adolescence, and it is important to be able to access funds for treatments.

Structured Annuities

Another option is a structured settlement that begins making payments when the child reaches the age of 18. These annuities stretch a settlement into monthly payments over many years and can be useful in many circumstances.

Comprehensive Legal Advice And Answers

Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services. We will explain the pros and cons related to each of these options and help you decide on a strategy that meets your unique needs.

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