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At Doehling Law Accident & Injury Law Firm, P.C., we know accidents happen and becoming a victim is unavoidable in many cases, choosing the right attorney can help reverse those symptoms. Our skilled accident and personal injury attorneys have over 25 combined years experience when it comes to providing aggressive representation for insurance claims, negligent driving, commercial vehicle accidents, wrongful death and more. We provide clients with legal counsel backed by decades of experience, successful verdicts and settlements.

Accident Attorneys

Have you recently been injured in an auto or work-related accident? Doehling Law works hard to secure workers compensation benefits and processing no-fault claims to get your medical expenses covered. Dealing with insurers can be a huge hassle and most of the time, you will not get the full amount you are owed. Doehling Law knows how insurance companies work, giving us the experience to fight those low-ball offers. It Never accepts a settlement from an insurance company before speaking with an accident attorney. Doehling Law will try to get the amount you are owed in order to cover all your injuries and damages. We will protect you from insurance companies that want to minimize the severity of the accident in order to pay less.

Personal Injury Lawyers

We provide representation in Grand Junction, Colorado and surrounding areas. Our firm focuses on injury cases caused by car wrecks, work injuries, or other accidents involving negligences such as drunk driving or distracted driving. Doehling Law has the resources and expertise to handle minor or complex cases.

Lawyers in Grand Junction

Doehling Law is here to explain your rights and protect those rights. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact Doehling Law today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.