Investigating The Negligence Of Distracted Drivers After An Accident

Despite laws and campaigns to put an end to distracted driving, accidents occur regularly due to the distracted habits of other drivers. Whether the cause of the crash involved texting or checking social media, you need an experienced legal team to hold the other side accountable.

At Doehling Law, our attorneys have over four decades of combined experience in fighting for the rights of injured passengers and drivers across the Western Slope communities. We thoroughly investigate what led to your injuries to recover the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve.

The Three Main Criteria For Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can take many forms, including texting, talking on the phone, eating or drinking, adjusting your GPS or radio, talking with other passengers and more. The three main criteria for distracted driving are:

  • Manual: This involves removing your hands from the steering wheel.
  • Visual: This involves taking your eyes off the road.
  • Cognitive: This involves focusing your attention elsewhere other than driving.

As texting accounts for all three criteria, it can lead to serious accidents and injuries. However, any sort of activity that prevents drivers from giving their full attention to the task at hand can be determined as a distraction.

When Multiple Drivers Are At Fault

When you suffer an injury but believe you were partially at fault, we can anticipate how Colorado's comparative negligence laws may apply to your case. These laws dictate that the damages available to an injured party may be diminished according to the percentage they were at fault. For example, if you were 10 percent at fault and the available damages amount to $100,000, you could receive $90,000.

Insurance companies immediately begin an investigation to determine the liability of all parties. As insurance companies often look out for their bottom line, we will also investigate. With experienced investigators on our team and insight into how insurance companies approach such cases, we fight to assert the liability of other parties and to pursue the damages you are due.

Consult With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

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