Focused On Recovering The Money You Need After Off-Road Accidents

They go by many names — all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility-terrain vehicle (UTV), side-by-side and snowmobile. All of these vehicles allow riders to get off road and into the beautiful Colorado back country in almost any season.

When an accident, such as a rollover, occurs, these vehicles offer fewer safety features and the injuries can be more severe. For example, a brain injury coupled with potential delay in treatment because of a remote location could easily have a long-term impact on your life.

With offices in Grand Junction, Aspen and the surrounding area, Doehling Law has successfully handled these types of cases across the communities of the Western Slope. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of personal injury law. We are also able to view your case from both sides from past experience representing insurance companies.

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Representing Locals And Visitors

Adventure companies own and rent many of these vehicles. In some cases, there may be potential issues related to liability waivers inserted in rental agreements.

For those who own their own sled or Yamaha Rhino to access back acreage or for recreation or hunting, an insurance policy may provide coverage. Depending on what caused the accident, a claim may also be brought against a manufacturer for selling an unsafe product.

Helping Smooth The Road To Recovery

After an accident, you may not be able to get back to work during a recovery. Your medical insurance may also be inadequate to cover all the bills. We are often able to negotiate on your behalf with medical providers to continue treatment while your personal injury is pending.

We handle all communication with insurance companies and medical professionals. This allows you to keep your focus on each of the steps toward recover.

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