2019 Colorado Motor Vehicle Crashes and Fatalities Statistics

Date: August 20th, 2019

The year is 2019 and we are here to show you some offer you some of the statistics that we have digged up to show you how Motor Vehicle Sats of injuries and fatalties.

Here will look in depth on how people:

- What causes the most accidents?

- How many fatalties over the year?

- How many injuries in Colorado?

Before we dive into the stats it is important to note, that some of these stats maybe from 2018 or older. Our team will strive to update infromation as it comes to us.

Motor Vehicle fatalities by Age in Colorado

Less Than 582233
Age 5 to 14101071815
Age 15 to 171620141926
Age 18 to 203933313643
Age 21 to 244059586861
Age 25 to 347984106112117
Age 34 to 54140139149149185
Age 55 to 647272859485
Age 65+776995109113

(Data Provided by CO Department on Transportation here.)

Colorado Mode of Traffic Fatalities

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Traffic Safety Performance in Co

Total Traffic Fatalities481488547608648
Critical Injuries from Traffic Crashes3,3193,2243,2162,9562,884