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Trucking accidents are preventable; here's 2 tips to help

Large trucks were involved in approximately 338,000 crashes in 2013. The majority of those crashes resulted in property damage. Another 73,000 caused injuries. In total, 3,906 were fatal. Avoiding these crashes is key to protecting yourself, your family and your future.

3 injured in crash after driver fails to stop

Particularly in the summer, it's important to watch the roads and to look out for construction teams, slowed traffic, red lights and other indications that you need to slow down or stop. When you don't slow or stop when you are meant to, there's a possibility that you could cause a serious collision.

Commercial drivers: Reasons why they should be obeying the law

Commercial drivers have an obligation to be safe on the roads. Truck drivers can lose their licenses for 60 days if they receive two traffic convictions within three years. If more traffic convictions take place, then the driver's license can be lost for even longer or revoked completely.

Many causes of truck accidents on the highways

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a large commercial truck, your injuries may be very severe. While it's understandable to be angry at the reckless trucker who caused your accident and injuries, you may be surprised to learn that many accidents involving big rigs are actually the fault of the drivers of smaller passenger cars and light trucks.

You can be compensated after a distracted driving crash

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are under special restrictions and regulations as determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. CMV drivers are not allowed to text while they're behind the wheel. If you've ever seen a driver on the phone, you need to understand that texting means manually entering information letter by letter or number by number into the phone. Reading texts from an electronic device also counts as texting behind the wheel, even if the driver wasn't typing. However, the driver is allowed to use voice-activated technology or to press a button one time to initiate or terminate a voice communication.

Hit-and-run crashes aren't legal; stay at the scene if you're hit

When you're struck by a driver who doesn't stop at the scene, you may be panicked thinking you'll be left to foot the bill. Fortunately, if or when the driver is found by police, that driver will have to answer for leaving the scene without stopping to render aid.

What are critical reasons?

No one plans to get into a car or truck accident, but when it unexpected happens, it can leave you or your loved ones with injuries or facing the death of someone you love. If the accident was the fault of another driver, you may be able to claim against his or her insurance or through other means with the help of your attorney.

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