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For over 20 years Doehling Law has succesffully handled hundreds of cases invovling personal injuries, vehicle accidents, government benefit claims and more. We provide legal services and aggressive represntation for vicitims of negligence, automobile accidents and more.

Glenwood Springs Accident Attorneys

Our team is focused on protecting your future. If you or someone you loved was seriously injured in a automobile accident that was caused by someone else, it may be necessary to hire an attorney.

Most people do not realize the insurance companies do not have the best intentions. Doehling Law will fight to recover insurance money that is rightfully owed to you.

Legal Representation Process

Doehling Law provides upfront, honest one on one services. We will begin with evaluating your case. If we do not believe that we can add value to your case, we will not ask you to hire us. Our goal is not to take every case we can, but to help those who are being taken advantage of by insurance companies. We are confident in our ability to accomplish every case witht he best results possible through our knowldge of personal injury, insurance practices, and protecting your interests.

Our Legal Advice

In order to collect or recover on a personal injury or wrongful death claim in Colorado or Utah, you have to prove the following:

  • You've suffered injuries, damages or losses
  • Other person was negligent
  • Other person caused injuries, damages, losses

Lawyers in Glenwood Springs and more

Doehling Law represents clients across the western slope, including Grand Junction, Aspen, Montrose, Glenwood Springs, Crested Butte, Delta, Hermosa, Moffat, Rio Bianco, Garfield, Ouray, and more. We even provide representation to eastern Utah.